The ocean has reached its tipping point.

The ocean gives us life in every beautiful, surprising, fascinating and spellbinding way imaginable. But as much as we depend on the oceans to survive, future generations depend on us. The plastic pollution problem has become a global crisis and disruptive change is needed now.

It’s no longer a question of how we got here, but where we go from here.

That’s why SC Johnson, in partnership with Conservation International, wanted to bring the impactful Blue Paradox exhibit on the plastic pollution crisis stateside to the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, after selling out the temporary exhibition in London in 2021.

We’re committed to bringing awareness and driving action to help solve this issue as we’ve reached a critical point.

While the challenges to overcome this issue may seem daunting but overcoming them is possible. It starts with understanding the smart, tangible things that make a meaningful difference. And then, most importantly, taking action to make those changes happen. A more sustainable world starts with each one of us. It's going to require collective efforts from all of us – governments, businesses and individuals to turn the tide against the ocean plastic crisis.

Whether it’s by using refills to reusing containers to advocating for policy change, no effort is too small because every action matters.

Together, we can make big waves in the fight against plastic pollution and turn the tide together At the end of the day, we don’t need a million people being perfect, but we need a million people trying.


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