About The Movement
About the Movement

The Power of Us

The world's biggest issues require complex solutions.
To solve the plastic waste crisis, it’s going to take individuals, businesses and governments — all of us. We must change how we produce, use, reuse and recycle plastic.
Solving the plastic probLEM At all Levels
The Movement Begins with You.
The Blue Paradox movement aims to drive collective action and provide advocates with a place to learn about how plastic pollution affects marine life and our daily lives, and the changes we can make to protect the largest ecosystem on our planet.

Do Your Part to Reduce Plastic Waste in Our Ecosystems
The Blue Paradox Exhibit
The Blue Paradox exhibit on the plastic pollution crisis invites you to walk underneath the ocean’s surface and experience the depth of problems facing our ocean and waterways. From the colorful reefs of tropical waters to the Great Lakes of the Midwest, the plastic pollution crisis has reached a tipping point....
About SC Johnson & Conservation International
SC Johnson is partnering with Conservation International on The Blue Paradox experience to raise awareness and inspire a movement of collective efforts – from governments, companies and individuals – to stop plastic from becoming pollution in our oceans and waterways.
SC Johnson
Conservation International