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Turning The Tide on Plastic Pollution Requires a Bold Global Effort
We are at a tipping point. Plastic pollution is affecting planet, animal, and human health.
Waste Dive
5 themes from the Senate hearing on packaging EPR
National focus on extended producer responsibility for packaging rose during a Senate hearing with diverse industry voices and plastic waste policy groups.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
SC Johnson CEO testifies at Senate hearing on recycling plastic, EPR
Fisk Johnson is no stranger in Washington D.C., particularly when it comes to an issue he cares about – plastic waste.
The Journal Times
Fisk Johnson asks Congress to consider federal EPR regulations during hearing
S.C. Johnson CEO, Fisk Johnson, advocated for federal regulations on extended producer responsibility at a March 6 hearing with the U.S. Senate Committee.
Waste Dive
EPR, bottle bills and right-to-repair legislation make a return in 2024 with nuanced new details
New legislation for EPR, bottle bills and right-to-repair will become more complex throughout 2024.
Los Angeles Times
Researchers discover thousands of nanoplastic bis in bottles of drinking water
Researchers have found that the amount of microplastics in everyday items like water bottles, is far greater than they initially thought.
The Hill
Study finds microplastics in nearly all American proteins: meat, fish and plants
Scientists have found microplastics in meats consumed daily by the American population and question the health concerns they may cause.
Top 5 Plastic Waste Items Found on Beaches
Newsweek looked into the most common items that are leading to mass pollution on beaches and oceans, which include – bottle caps, plastic bags, water bottles, food wrappers and cigarette butts.
Microplastics could trigger cloud formation and affect the weather, new study suggests
While microplastics have been found in water, food, and even blood streams, scientists now have found them in clouds and are studying the potential effects they may cause to weather patterns.
Recycling Today
SC Johnson, Plastic Bank partnership achieves milestone
SC Johnson has stopped over 40 million kilograms of coastal plastic from entering oceans.
The New York Times
Trash or Recycling? Why Plastic Keeps Us Guessing.
The universal “chasing arrows” symbol for recycling is stamped on so many things, but what is really recyclable?
Science News
Microplastics are in our bodies. Here's why we don't know the health risks
Recent studies show microplastics have been found in various parts of the human body, including the lungs, placental tissues, breast milk, and blood.

The Exhibit

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Environmentalists praise SC Johnson CEO's call for more plastics regulation
Environmental groups respond to SC Johnson CEO calling for more regulation on plastic pollution, saying it's 'a huge, positive move.'
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
After seeing exhibit, Racine officials look to change plastic policies
Now more than a month after visiting the exhibit, the local leaders are looking at how their offices, and their homes, can become better at recycling plastic.
CBS NEWS Chicago
Durbin will discuss new bill banning dumping of plastic into the ocean
U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) will discuss a new bill aimed at banning the dumping of plastic pellets into the ocean and fresh waterways.
Racine students get hands-on experience learning about microplastics in Great Lakes with 'Blue Paradox'
Axios Chicago
Plastic crisis on display at Museum of Science and Industry
WGN Chicago
Federal bill aims to curb plastic pollution in all U.S. waterways